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What Happened to Major Tom Lewis on WVBF, 105.7?

Major Tom Lewis, on the old WVBF 105.7, Framingham-Boston (now WROR) was a terrific mid-morning radio DJ in, I believe, the early 1970s who knew how to keep the music moving while bringing a national quality voice and personality to our local airwaves.

With a dry personality, some hit-or-miss jokes and incredible intuition on when to talk over the music, Major Tom not only had a cool, relevant 1970s radio name but an ability to connect with listeners of different ages. While many parents in our neighborhood were turned off by some of the screaming DJs of the late 60s and early 70s, Major Tom sounded like a sincere best friend who also happened to possess superb articulation. He could have sounded great on a beautiful music station, a middle of the road format, or perhaps as a news anchor given he never really flubbed his lines, but his stint on this top 40 FM giant contributed greatly to Boston's amazing pool of radio talent during this period. I'd be interested to know where Major Tom Lewis went after WVBF and if he is still in the business today. Anyone know?


  1. Sure do. Major Tom Lewis has been a meteorologist under his real name....Tom Keirein (sp?) on Channel 4...WRC-TV in Washington DC. He's been there for at least 25 years. I think he's still there.

  2. Major Tom Lewis (Tom Kierein) has been a meteorologist at WRC-TV, Channel 4, in Washington, DC since the early '80's. I worked with him at WVBF. The bushy beard and VW microbus of his radio days are long gone.

  3. Anyone know if Mighty Mike Osbourne, who was on WVBF in 1978 is still around and how I might contact him? I have a tape of one of his shows from 1978 which I'm sure he'd like to hear.


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