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Dave Wong's China Sails!

Good Chinese food and constant television and radio advertising made Dave Wong's China Sails a staple for Chinese food in the Boston area.  China Sails wasn't really much better than other Chinese restaurants in terms of old school Americanized Chinese cuisine, but its amazing consistency in food, drink, service and exotic but not overly ostentatious decor made it a reliable choice. I think, however, that Dave Wong's likability really made China Sails that much more appealing. He came across as a humble sort on the television commercials -- great news for those of us that sometimes experienced nasty waiters and generally not knowing what to expect at a few nearby restaurants of any genre.

China Sails never seemed to bring in the "knucklehead" crowd, either,  just interested in saying one stupid thing after another and downing massive amounts of scorpion bowls. This was a place where the older set, couples dating, and families could converse over a nice meal at great prices in nice surroundings.

Wong, who served in the Army Air Corps during World War II, owned the China Sails in Danvers, Salem, Peabody and Newton (my favorite, especially before attending the adjacent summer Longwood tennis tournaments), until retiring in 1985. He died in 1995. Mr. Wong, thank-you for your service in the military and as the gentleman that brought us one of the most dependable, well-run Chinese restaurants in the Boston area!


  1. Who can forget Jess Cain's promos on his radio show. [Chines gong sound] Jess: "Dave Wong brings you the Wong time." Then he would give the time. Great stuff!. I live in the Caribbean now and never got to any China Sails restaurant. I travel to Boston occasionally and now it's on my bucket list to eat at China Sails just because of the fond memories of the good natured commercials of thirty years ago and to honor Dave's memory.

  2. Dave Wongs. The Wong place at the right time. ( Candle Pins for Cash.)

  3. My father worked there in the very early 70's. He used to bounce, racist idiots out of that place regularly. I remember the old menus, the pineapples and coconuts with the drinks in them, the foil bags that kept the teriyaki warm until you got it home.

  4. China sails had the best Chinese food. I loved their jumbo shrimp.


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