The Midget Deli, Cambridge, Mass.

I need your help. People don't believe me when I tell them there was a Midget Deli in Cambridge, Mass.

It's like I am the only one who ever saw this place, Cambridge residents included.

The Midget Deli was located at the current Changsho Chinese restaurant at 1712 Mass. Ave., between Porter and Harvard Square. I remember it best in the late 1960s as the only Jewish deli in Cambridge, although I had not yet been to 90 percent of the rest of Cambridge. So maybe it was the only Jewish deli within the 10 percent of the Cambridge I knew! Maybe even less, as I was often so preoccupied with playing car bingo.

Most delis are small in size, but the Midget was pretty big. How's that for irony?  I loved its pastrami sandwiches and the bustling nature of the place. Having just visited New York City and a few of its then-famous delis (like the Stage Deli), the Midget seemed to have that classic, busy delicatessen vibe.

Could someone please back me up on this -- that there was a Midget Deli in Cambridge? Please feel free to comment below, including stories on your dining experiences at the Midget Deli. Or, maybe someone who worked there can chime in to help me regain my credibility because they think I am joking. Thank you!

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