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A Yearning for Funny Face Fruit Drinks

I loved Funny Face fruit drinks. They were much like Kool-Aid, but developed nearby in the great city of Weymouth, Mass. There's something always better about an artificially flavored fruit drink that's made locally, I say. I went to school with someone that worked at Funny Face. Before we knew each other, I asked where he worked. The kid turned a bit red, sunk his head down low and said in almost a whisper, "Funny Face."

Pillsbury actually created the Funny Face line, but eventually sold to Brady Enterprises on the South Shore. The cartoon characters, gracing the packets, represented a flavor --  Goofy Grape,  Jolly Ollie Orange, Freckle Face Strawberry. You get the picture! The drawings were quite happy-looking and full of character despite the very simplistic drawings -- kind of like the smiley face with different coloring.

Funny Face disappeared in 1994, but I heard some local businessmen were trying to bring back the cartoon characters for a television show. Has anyone else heard that, too, and, if so, what is the latest?

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