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Green Plastic Dinosaur Banks from Boston Sinclair Gas Stations

Does anyone remember those green plastic dinosaur banks that were given away with each fill up at the Boston area Sinclair gas stations? At 28 cents a gallon, my dad would fill up his Pontiac at the station at the corner of Brighton and Concord Avenues on the Belmont-Cambridge line and we would tag along for those one-of-a-kind dinosaur banks.

The green dinosaur banks were sturdily built and able to hold a good amount of earned allowance -- which, we spent, of course, on baseball cards, Wacky Packages and Mad Magazines from Mrs. Mooney at the former Hoffman News in Arlington Heights.

Eventually the dinosaur banks became extinct, as well as the Sinclair stations in the Boston area.

Is there anyone in the world that remembers these green dinosaur banks? Please let me know!

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  1. We remember, Eric! We have a ton of photos on our Facebook site if you are interested in looking and/or interacting with other Sinclair fans! Check them out here:


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