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Lannos in Watertown, Mass., for Old School Italian Cuisine

A few questions have come up in regards to what makes me qualified to write this blog, Old School Boston. I can answer that sufficiently by saying that yesterday I drove five miles with the left blinker on.

Now that you have my credentials, let's move onto the next Old School Boston article!

Anyone remember Lannos in Watertown, Mass.? I think they were an old school restaurant the very day they opened with enough parm dishes and carpeting to write the textbook on classic Italian-American restaurants. I can't say for sure, but Lannos felt like a family-owned and operated restaurant as you would see the same faces (all friendly) year after year. Lannos was great for affordable lunches and dinners, as well as being able to aptly accommodate functions. It was a pretty large downtown restaurant with, as I recall, a downstairs, too.

I believe Lannos closed in the mid-90s. If I am wrong, someone please correct me. I'm doing this all on memory.

Traditional Italian-American restaurants are definitely on the wane in the Boston area, as there is more of a demand for the higher end, more authentic Italian restaurants. That is fine with me, but sometimes you just need a slab of parm, an unpretentious atmosphere, and a vociferous staff and clientele that keeps the dining experience from being like that of eating in a library.

If you have any fond memories of Lannos, we'd love to hear them!


  1. When my husband and I started dating, he lived in Watertown and we frequented Lanno's on many a Friday or Saturday night in the early 90's. The food was great and you could always count on the manager to come by and ask how everything was. By the mid-to--late 90's the manager was not to be found and the food went downhill. We knew the end was near when we ordered a chicken wing appetizer that arrived at the table still nearly frozen! Very sad... Yes they went out of business sometime around then.

  2. I miss Lanno's.
    From my understanding, the sons did not want to continue the family business.
    So sad.
    They had the best pizza.
    Better than Chateau or The Upper Crust.
    Me and my father used to have pizza there all the time.
    Now it's a parking lot owned by the Watertown Savings Bank, where I bank at.
    Great bank.

  3. I am currently holding Lanno's placemat from 1976!

  4. Used to visit Lanno's all the time in the mid to late 80's, it was a great neighborhood Italian restaurant, very reasonable prices, great food and service. Now it's a parking lot. They Paved Paradise...

  5. Thanks for the kind comments, Lanno's was my father's restaurant. It was in my family for 50 plus years (used to be the Watertown Sea Grille - by my grandfather). Unfortunately my dad passed early at 52 - and it's not that we didn't want to keep it open, we couldn't at the time. Thank you for the kind comments!!


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