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Why Did the Rusty Scupper in Acton, Massachusetts Have to Close?

It always seemed strange to me that a restaurant in landlocked Acton, Massachusetts would be named after a oxidized hole in a ship's side meant to carry water overboard from a deck.

Such is the case with the Rusty Scupper, but it turns out that this very good restaurant located in Nagog Park (a mixed use destination) was part of a chain through several states. You'd never know it, as the Rusty Scupper felt more like a cozy neighborhood tavern than a generic, corporate-conceived eatery.

I ate at the Scupper a handful of times and each visit required a wait. The seafood, steak and chicken dishes were really good and the dark, comfy surroundings overlooking a pond enhanced the overall experience. It seemed like a very social type of place where many locals and staff all seemed to know each other. Living in other towns, I didn't know anyone in Acton but that didn't stop the staff from being nice to me. For the record, I was nice to them, too.

The Rusty Scupper closed in the early 1990s.  It then became ScupperJack's which was just as good as the Rusty Scupper. ScupperJacks closed in 2011, and is now called the Red Raven.

Too bad the Rusty Scupper went overboard and drifted away from the suburban Boston restaurant scene!

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  1. The Rusty Scupper was a favorite of my Wife and I. We too were caught off guard when it closed...


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