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Boston Area Steak Houses of Yesteryear

The trend today is the upscale steak house, but back in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, the family-friendly steak house reigned in our Boston area neighborhoods.

Most were chains, but were so integrated with the feel of our towns and cities that people didn't put on their snob hats and put down the corporate presence. Heck, we just wanted a good steak!

Some of those steak houses were:
Newbury Steak House, Boston
Rib Room, Hotel Sonesta, Cambridge
Valle's Steak House in Chestnut Hill and Saugus
JBs Steak House, Newton
Colorado Public Library, Brookline
Buddy's Sirloin Pit, Harvard Square, Cambridge
Bonanza Steak House, Burlington, Mass.
Green Ridge Steak House, Nashua, N.H. (right next to the landmark Green Ridge Turkey Farm, this expansion didn't last too long at all!)
York Steak House, various mall locations

By the way, nice to see locally-owned steak houses like Frank's Steak House in Cambridge, Jimmy's Steer House in Arlington and the Wildwood Steakhouse in Marlboro still thriving!


  1. How about the $1.29 Steak House on Charles St. in the mid '60's - a great Emerson hang out

  2. Newbury Steakhouse was a great hangout with friends or just on my own when a BU student, living just a couple of blocks away. Was a treat when I could scrape up the money. It felt like being in a real colonial pub, with those high backed booths -- kind of a haven against the nasty winter storms howling beyond the small paned windows. Good food, even better homebaked bread, and THE coldest draft beer in town!

  3. I love The Hardcover in Danvers, and Victoria Station in Salem.


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