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Fowl Memories of Fontaine's in West Roxbury, Mass.

Fontaine's, on the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury, Mass., brought in crowds of locals that absolutely fell in love with the home style and hearty chicken dishes as well as the flashing spastic chicken neon sign outside. The last few years weren't good at all, but what can never be taken away is the family-friendly atmosphere, wonderful old-time waitresses and that magical chicken. Good news: Cheryl Sullivan, who is about to open Cruisers on Main Street restaurant in Walpole, Mass., has obtained the fried chicken recipe from Fontaine's, and will feature it on the comfort food menu. We'll keep you posted on when Crusiers opens!


  1. My grandmother worked at Fontaine's for years! She was telling us that she was offered a chance to buy it ...for $500! She turned it down because that was really a lot of money to her back then.

    When is Cruisers opening in Walpole?!

  2. Wow, it's amazing to think she could have bought Fontaine's for the price of what a car alternator is today! Cruisers should be opening in the next few weeks. I'll post here the minute they open!


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