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Grover Cronin's Department Store, Waltham, Mass.

As a kid, I couldn't stand Grover Cronin’s Department Store in Waltham, Mass. I would have rather been at the Child World toy store in Medford.  It just stunk having to shop for underwear (perhaps that sentence should be rephrased).

In retrospect, I wish we had Grover Cronin's back. To have a locally-owned, large-sized department store that was every bit was good as the national chains was truly impressive. The look of Grover Cronin's wasn't cheap-looking like Woolworth's, and the merchandise was always top-notch. Add a staff that was  generally proud to work there, and you can understand why stores like this are so badly needed today. Pride of ownership is a timeless quality that sometimes seems so far away in today's world.

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  1. I worked at GC summer of 1975 in between college years.


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