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New England Restaurants That Are No Longer With Us

Thought you'd like to know that our flagship site,, features two pages of restaurants in the New England area that are no longer with us. The list has grown quite a bit through the years, including some wonderful feedback from readers. From Schrafft's Tea Room in Boston to the Green Ridge Turkey Farm in Nashua, we've covered quite a bit of ground!

You can log onto our first page of New England restaurant memories here and the second page of restaurants no longer with us here. As always feel free to contribute!


  1. Bonanza in the Vine Brook Plaza, Burlington. It was a cafeteria-style place that had good meatloaf, as I remember. You entered and walked behind a wall until you go to the food.

    Also, Red Coach Grill in Burlington, where Border Cafe is now -- or maybe right across the street. It was basically a train car made into a restaurant.

    Does anyone have knowledge of the Gray Squirrel Pub, where the car wash on Cambridge St Burlington is now located?

    1. Hi Robert -- Thanks for the great mentions. I remember the Bonanza in Burlington. Great steaks, there, sort of like the Ponderosa chain. I don't remember the Red Coach Grill in Burlington, but do recall Victoria Station around that location.


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