Notable Boston Meteorologists From Back In the Day

Boston television has turned out some outstanding meteorologists through the years with one of the best periods taking place in the 1970s and 80s...

Don Kent, of WBZ-TV Channel 4, led the way with his commanding presence and amazing skill at getting the forecast right. Pleasant  but serious and slightly monotone with an Underdog/Wally Cox kind of voice, Kent was born to be a weatherman. He knew the terminology like the back of his hand and seemed like one who could have taught the art and science of this profession at a college. He didn't like it at all when the anchors teased him about being wrong (didn't happen that much, though!). Because of his expertise, Kent quickly became a household name. When the subject was weather, it's almost like everyone in the Boston area said collectively, "What did Don Kent forecast?"

Kent died on March 2, 2010. We miss his gentlemanly presence and legendary forecasts.

Other favorites:
Bruce Schwoegler, Channel 4. Slightly hyper and ultra confident, he had good hair and a sense of humor --and was very entertaining.  He also had one of the all-time great laughs! Met him once at the former Ararat restaurant in Watertown, Mass., and he seemed like the nicest person in the world. Funny and full of personality, sort of like your favorite uncle.

Bob Copeland, WCVB-TV, Channel 5. A real gentleman who was clearly into his craft and every bit as accurate as Don Kent. He had a cool 1970s look with curly hair and a mustache. Bob had an understated delivery, but his message always came across just fine to us viewers that wanted the truth and nothing but the truth when it came to local weather.

Bill Hovey, Channel 5. He had a bit of a nerd look with a huge forehead and big glasses, but, wow, what a fantastic weatherman. I'd rather have Hovey on than any of the present day Hollywood movie star-like, Ken and Barbie doll meteorologists! Seemed like an incredibly nice man, too.

Two weathermen from back in the day still grace the airwaves to this very day: Harvey Leonard on Channel 5 (used to be on Channel 7) and Barry Burbank, still with Channel 4. Both are phenomenal meteorologists!

Who was your favorite Boston weatherman during the 1960s or 1970s?  Feel free to share your thoughts here!


  1. I remember Bruce Schwoegler when he was a substitute teacher of mine from Boston Technical High School in the late 60s - early 70s.

  2. Don Kent, of course, was the best, but I think Dick Albert deserves a mention, though he came to Channel 5 after the Blizzard of '78, from some foreign part of the country (that great mass of land west of 495).

  3. How about Stu Soroka, who was like the hippie dippy weatherman of Boston?

  4. How about Stuart Soroka, who was like the hippie dippy weatherman of Boston?

  5. Shelby Scott known as the Hero of New England Weather. Poor woman! WBZ sent her out in every storm, hurricane, blizzard. The bigger the storm the more she reported from the side of some road mostly around the Framingham area.


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