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Remembering Don Gillis, of WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Don Gillis had that sort of personal touch that made his Channel 5 Boston sports reports sound like he was having a conversation with you in your living room.  From 1962 to 1983 as sports reporter, anchor and director, Gillis came across as a kind person, a true broadcasting professional who read with the best of them, and one that loved sports of all kinds. Whether it was Boston Red Sox baseball or local high school football, you could tell Gillis enjoyed reporting the sports of the day. He also had wonderful interaction with all on-air staff and never had to resort to low-brow humor or excessive ego to make a name for himself. He died a few years ago, leaving behind some wonderful memories for those of us that had the honor of watching him on television.

Editor's note: Mike Lynch has been a terrific successor -- following the tenets of what made Gillis special -- and Channel 5 is to be commended for letting him grow into the position to become one of the best.

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