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The Wonderful Aroma of Brewers Yeast at Arlington Health Foods

You have to wonder if the original Arlington Health Foods on Mass Ave. in Arlington Mass., was the basis for comedian Jackie Mason's famous quote: "Have you ever seen the people that work in health food stores who load themselves up with alfalfa sprouts and carrot juice? They all look sick and emaciated. None of them look healthy. In fact, the only healthy person in the entire health food store is the owner sitting in the back stuffing his face with a pastrami on rye."

I honestly don't know if the owner of Arlington Health Foods liked pastrami sandwiches, but I remember the hired help not looking healthy at all, and being occasionally snippy and quite preachy about what was  best to eat.  With the putrid aroma of Brewers Yeast and other cardboard-tasting delicacies, stopping by Arlington Health Foods was never pleasant to me. After buying a multivitamin with dessicated liver, I had then decided that going cross town to the Dairy Queen for a  Dilly Bar would be a far happier option!

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