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Old School Boston Businesses That Still Exist Today

Many traditional, old-fashioned Boston area businesses that we loved in the 60s and 70s still exist today without much of a change in the way they do business. Here are some that come to mind...

Walpole Woodworkers in Walpole still sells those expertly crafted swing sets we bought in the 60s. Balich 5&10 in Arlington remains one of the last five and dimes in the area. Playtime in Arlington is no longer a toy store but the old school arts and crafts element is well intact and as impressive as ever. Sports Etc. in Arlington, still excels in the sporting goods category and with that superb customer service that has been a prioritization for all these years. The Old Mill restaurant in Westminster continues it magical Sunday morning brunch. The lovely pond, covered bridge, waterfall and the chance to feed the ducks bread are joyously timeless. Prince Pizzeria in Saugus still has that "Leaning Tower of Pizza" structure outside and delicious Italian-style pizza inside. Steve Castraberti has done a great job maintaining the excellence that his late, great father, Arthur, created through the years. Durgin Park restaurant keeps on going strong in Boston, although the waitresses are not nearly as rude as in the past. The Union Oyster House and Javeli's still thrive in Boston with, respectively, their seafood and old school Italian business specialties. The Maynard Outdoor Store in Maynard was a favorite back in the day and still is today with its fantastic mix of clothing, footwear, camping and sporting goods in a very old-fashioned, neighborhood store setting.

We'd love to hear from you on old school Boston area businesses that still remain today. What are some of your favorites?

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  1. Oh my gosh! Such a list of still-operating favorites.
    Putnam Pantry Ice Cream and Candy, Danvers
    Ye Olde Pepper Company, Salem
    The Daniel Fuller House, Middleton
    Richardson's Dairy, Middleton
    Harrow's Chicken Pies, Danvers
    Puleo's Dairy, Salem
    Wilson Farms, Lexington
    The Clam Box, Essex
    Shreve, Crump, & Low, Boston
    London Harness Company, Wellesley

    But the casualty list is longer:
    Paine Furniture
    Stoddard's Cutlery, Boston
    S.S. Pierce Provisions
    Romie's Oyster House, Danvers
    The King's Grant Inn, Danvers
    The Scotch and Sirloin, Boston
    Cafe Budapest, Boston
    GEM Department Store, Saugus
    Ann & Hope Department Store, Danvers
    Maison Robert, Boston
    Versailles Restaraunt, Lexington
    Augustine's Restaraunt, Saugus
    J.J. Newberry Department Store, Peabody
    Lechmere, Danvers
    Filene's Basement
    Jordan Marsh
    Mal's Supermarket, Malden
    Purity Supreme Supermarkets
    Finast Supermarkets
    A.&P. Supermarkets
    York Steak House
    The Ground Round
    The Proctor House, Peabody


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