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King's Grant Restaurant, Danvers, Mass.: Sunday Morning Brunch, Tudor Dynasty Decor

The King's Grant restaurant at the King's Grant Inn in Danvers, Mass., reigned as one of the best Sunday morning brunch spots in the Boston area.  Not your cookie cutter, sterile function hall destination, the King's Grant restaurant featured a modified 14th Century Tudor Dynasty design. Made sense to me, with the restaurant being located right off the eternally outdated Route 128.

The King's Grant restaurant seemed wonderfully cartoonish with waiters and waitresses with thick Boston accents dressing up in psuedo 14th century apparel over two levels of carpeted dining rooms, and, in the later years, hiring actors and actresses to perform medieval songs and magic tricks for your dining pleasure and entertainment.

The bottom line is that for most of its years in operation, the King's Grant restaurant hired some darn good chefs to create some wonderful breakfast and lunch items. I do wonder, though, if bacon and eggs were a breakfast staple of the 14th century?

The former King's Grant site now houses a biotech company. Alas, much sorrow has been often on the North Shore of Massachusetts since this dining monarchy left, but yet it is well for a man to know both the dining bliss of the past and the high tech of the future. Sorry, thought I'd try out my 14th century dialect there.

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