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Dignitary Sighting at the Osaka Japanese Restaurant in Cambridge, Mass.

Many years ago, my dad took a lunch break with some teacher friends at Osaka Japanese restaurant on Concord Ave. in Cambridge, and came back home with a story that he could virtually call his own.

Just as about he was about to be seated, a man that looked like an older version of Dennis the Menace's father almost ran right into him. It wasn't Dennis the Menace's father, however (fictional character!). It was Henry Kissinger, our 56th United States of America Secretary of State!  He joined my dad and friends for lunch and they shared some delightful, intellectually based conversations.

In my young mind, I was very happy for my dad that he met such an esteemed, accomplished figure, but was also jealous that I wasn't there. At seven years-old, I had learned to memorize every president's name and could recite them, in order, backward and forward. I wanted to show off to Mr. Kissinger this knowledge.  I also wanted to meet a celebrity like him. Heck, my only celebrity interactions, at that point, were with Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Lee Stange and comedian Soupy Sales!

As I matured and started to appreciate Japanese food, I recognized Osaka as a wonderful little Japanese restaurant that prided itself on chef-inspired cuisine, friendly and humble service and a living room-like atmosphere -- too bad it's not around anymore.  It was a bit of a hidden restaurant, so I found it quite interesting that Dr. Kissinger found this place!

Do you have any memories of celebrity/dignitary sightings back in the day? If so please feel free to comment below!

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