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Thinking Back to Clark Smidt and Captain Ken on the Older Version of WBZ FM

Anyone remember Clark Smidt and Captain Ken Shelton working all those hours to make WBZ-FM (106.7) one of the great Boston rock stations in the early to mid 70s?

 Other stations had fast talking DJs and catchy jingles, but Smidt and Shelton chose to wisely slow down and connect with the listener in a conversational way while always possessing encyclopedia-like knowledge of rock and roll.

It was almost like they were broadcasting from a living room, or talking with you like best friends over a pizza and soft drinks (well, my perspective, anyway, as a then under-18 radio listener). I loved the "The Boston Top-30" nightly, in particular!

Clark and Captain Ken eventually migrated from WBZ-FM to WCOZ 94.5 -- a very good rock station, indeed. I just preferred WBZ-FM as the format offered lots of commercial free music and Clark and Capt Ken showing their strong work ethic by seemingly running pretty much the whole show.

Hard to believe WBZ FM is now a sports station on 98.5, and 106.7 became a new radio legend, of sorts: Magic 106.7.

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