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Commodore Restaurant Memories in Beverly MA

The Commodore in Beverly, Mass., seemed like a restaurant that would stay open forever.  Legendary Boston Red Sox broadcaster Ken Coleman had those great ads for the restaurant during Red Sox games in the 1960s and 70s. The Northeast Mobil Travel Guide -- a generic guide that seemed to give great restaurants one star -- opened its heart and gave The Commodore three stars every year. The restaurant has this great wishing well with a water wheel near the entrance. Oh, yes -- almost forgot -- they got the steak, chicken and seafood thing down to perfection each and every time. Although I went to the Commodore mostly as a kid, that cozy Captain's Lounge sure looked cool, too! It would have been so amazing to have a glass of Zarex there!

The spacious dining room -- shaped like a boat but looking nothing like one -- accommodated everyone comfortably and the waitstaff brought this old school vibe with their old-fashioned outfits and collective conversational style. They served lobster, prime rib and other tried-and-true classics as if you were family.

Don't quote me on this, but I think the Commodore closed in the late 1990s. What replaced it? Surprise, surprise, surprise -- a shopping plaza. You can find those anywhere, but The Commodore -- well, that was one of a kind. Sorry that this nautical-theme restaurant sunk into Old School Boston restaurant oblivion.

Who remembers The Commodore and what are your memories of the North Shore restaurant?


  1. I worked at the Commodore in High School as a busboy for two years in the mid-1970's. The Frangos brothers were at the top of their game. Every table received free baby Maine shrimp as an appetizer. It was an odd destination for a St Patrick's day celebration, but it summoned every politico from the North Shore including a Kennedy or two.

    The Pub downstairs offered cheddar (cut from a wheel!) and crackers as an appetizer, but you were always assured that there would be "no dancing, never!" according to a Frangos edict.

  2. I grew up with Billy Frangos in Lynn. We used to go there all of the time and new the in and outs of that resturaunt.Great food and great people they new what it took to run a resturaunt. Great memory's.

  3. The Commodore had a separate dining room for women in slacks like my mom. It also had this wine-cheese spread that was delicious on their sesame seed crackers. Large thick water glasses. Restaurant smelled like steak and cigarette smoke, but nice. Dad would write a check to pay the bill. We ate there a lot. Hobby shop across the street!


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