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The Neptune Room in Hyannis, Massachusetts

Does anyone remember the Neptune Room at the Hyannis Airport in Hyannis, Massachusetts? It was sort of an upscale type of place that, to the best of my recollection, got three stars in the Mobile Travel Guide. So, it had to be good, right?

At eight-years-old, I was rather skeptical of this place -- first feeling uncomfortable about a restaurant with the name Neptune right next to airplanes flying high into the sky.  Were those planes really headed for a U.S. destination, or could it be an itinerary to the dark, cold and windy climate farthest away from the sun in the solar system? At 2.9 million miles from the earth, it might have been possible, however, to get there sooner than successfully navigating the Hyannis rotary into the downtown.

The Neptune Room didn't meet up to my hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue chicken and blueberry pie criteria. I am sure the Neptune Room pleased adults with sophisticated culinary tastes, but not a kid with no interest whatsoever in daring and creative food combinations created by some highfalutin chef.

Some restaurants leave a mark on people, but, ultimately, I left a mark on the Neptune Room with an all-day sour stomach finally expressing itself. I guess, on that particular day, I was a little puke, literally and figuratively, to the staff at the Neptune Room!

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