Old School Boston Restaurants No Longer with Us

Not to be Joe Psychologist, but please tell me what first comes to mind when reading the names of any of these old school Boston restaurants no longer with us...

Jimmy's Harborside
St. Botolph
Newbury Steak House
Bob the Chef
Tom Thumb
Dixie Kitchen
Joseph's Aquarium
Lox Stock & Bagel
Deli Haus
Joe and Nemo's
Cafe Budapest
Romagnoli's Table
Brass Lantern on Washington St.
Thompson's Spa
Maison Robert
Magic Pan Creperie
Morelli's in East Boston
Ken's at Copley
Scotch 'n Sirloin
Du Barry
Buzzy's Roast Beef
Schrafft's Tea Room
Pizza Pad
Captain Nemo's in Kenmore Square
Metro Deli
Sun Tuey
El Phoenix Room
Ruggles Pizza
The Red Fez
Anthony's Pier 4
Dini's Sea Grille
English Tea Room
Trader Vic's
Joe Tecce's
Kelly's Landing

What a great list, eh? We look forward to your memories of any of these restaurants. Also, did we miss any old school Boston restaurants on this list? If so, please tell us about them in the comment box below. Thanks!

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