Crackers and Cheese Tray at Boston Area Restaurants

There was something so wonderfully traditional about Boston area restaurants serving crackers and cheese before the main meal.

Some eateries added offerings of sticky and regular bread rolls and a relish tray to the mix, which was nice, but for me the taste of store-bought artificial tasting cheese and bland crackers could stand on their own.

Many times, this offering seemed to be served by very old ladies in colonial-like or old school waitress uniform apparel or high school kids with good manners and a healthy fear of their employer -- they wanted to keep their jobs and not disappoint the business, or mom and dad.

I know many traditional New England restaurants offered crackers and cheese but as the years go on, many of the names escape me. Places I can remember: The Commodore in Beverly, The Continental in Saugus(still in business, yay!), The Joppa Grill in East Bridgewater and I think The Cock N Kettle in Uxbridge.

Can you think of any more Boston area or New England restaurants that served crackers and cheese before the main course? If so, please comment in the box below.

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