About Old School Boston - A Word from the 'Past' President

Eric at eight-years-old
My name is Eric and I made this Old School Boston blog with one question in mind: why let go of the past when it was so special growing up in the Boston area?

I am sure you can identify with this, as the memories of Boston and New England restaurants, stores, attractions, media figures, the sneakers we wore, the cars our folks drove and a general simpler way of life brought about a one-of-a-kind, heartwarming emotional feeling.

Our world today -- while spectacular and convenient in so many ways -- is complex and fast-paced.  With all this technology, the SmartPhones, texting, a gazillion cable TV channels, video games, social media and congested roads never meant for this much commuting in the first place, isn't it nice to get back to the basics and think back warmly on nostalgic old school Boston memories?

Throwback eras don't have to be in the 70s, 60s or before, either. Let's face it, the 90s were quite some time ago, too, and can bring about connecting to another place and time. The world has changed so much since then!

As long as you can remember back to being, say, seven -- and then go from there into your teen and young adult years -- the retro, throwback times are probably waiting to be revived in your mind. What a nice feeling!

We will help you here bring back those Boston and New England memories whether it was drinking Zarex, ordering a pu-pu platter at the Aku Aku, heading to Paragon Park for amusements... well, you get the picture.  Enjoy this Boston and New England trip down memory lane! Best regards, Eric "Past" President of the Old School Boston blog

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  1. Just saw your blog and started reading. So sad what we have lost. But the memories will live on.


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