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The Twangy Charm of the Blue Star Lounge, Saugus, Mass.

The Blue Star Lounge on Route 1 in Saugus, Mass., fit quite well into the "anything goes" presence of this Route 1 area.  Those familiar to Route 1 in Saugus and Lynnfield know there are many tacky, yet endearing unique destinations and attractions, including a huge orange dinosaur at Route 1 Mini Golf, plastic cows at the Hilltop Steak House, and a "Leaning Tower of Pizza," at the Prince Pizzeria.  The Blue Star had a down and out, dark look, and featured some truly talented local country and western music acts like the John Penny Band and the Bobby Shepard Band. The waitresses were friendly and the atmosphere really non-threatening, despite some ignorant people who had never been that stated otherwise. Although not much of a lounge person, I really miss the talent that came out of this place -- and not having to travel to, say, Oklahoma to hear live country music.


  1. Saw Sleepy Labeef play there. guy was one of the great rockabilly artists most people don't know. Was a cool place to listner to country music. Beat the Hillbilly Lounge in Park Sq.; anyone remember?

  2. My dad's band played there often, the country rhythm boys.

  3. We went their many times to see the Rhythm Kings...they always had great country music their. Knew Ronnie Lane & Tommy the bartender....Good times!


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