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Memories of the Cottage Crest Restaurant in Waltham, Mass.

"Hey, Larry is resigning from our company because he's sick of this place. Let's give him a going away party at the Cottage Crest!"

"Wow, Tammy just got promoted to director of our nuts and bolts division. She'll be leaving Boston to work at our plant in the remote Island of Rumboogie.  Let's give her a going away party at the Cottage Crest!"

Great news, little Billy raised his grades from an "F" to a "D"! Let's celebrate with family and friends at the Cottage Crest!"

The Cottage Crest in Waltham, Mass., was best known for its functions.  The Cottage Crest upstairs dining room was a classic with friendly waitresses, nice wall-to-wall rugs, easy-on-the-eyes decor in a dimly-lit setting, appealingly bland music playing in the background, and a knack to prepare mass-produced chicken, steak and seafood that actually tasted good (until the last few years). Everything seemed so old-fashioned. If they had sofas here, they probably would have been covered with protective vinyl.  Some of the waitresses were here forever, and the management was always so gracious.

I wish we were able to give the Cottage Crest a going away party for all they did for us in suburban Boston!

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  1. My great-great grandfather owned this resturaunt. We have the menu in sections framed on our wall!


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