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Recollections of Bailey's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

Ice cream is inherently cold, but Bailey's in Boston and Belmont, Mass., always made us feel warm inside The old-fashioned ice cream parlor look and the absolutely amazing hot fudge and butterscotch sundaes served in silver-plated dishes are the precious moments I remember most. Many of the indoor ice cream spots today seem too self-conscious, even pretentious -- and definitely overpriced. Bailey's, on the other hand, was as comfortable as an old shoe. No pun intended, but Bailey's had a soul (you know, shoe, soul...OK, let's move on...).  Bailey's probably had more to do with the ice cream places our moms and dads frequented in the 1930s and 1940s; it's nice this trip back in time lasted into the 60s, 70s and 80s during the prime of our childhood and young adult years. There was a certain innocence about Bailey's that just can't be duplicated. I miss it greatly.

If I had to choose one place that carries on the Bailey's tradition it would be Cabot's in Newton, Mass. I don't think the ice cream is as good as Bailey's, but I love the authentic ice cream parlor look.


  1. In my mid-teens and twenties, I would go to Boston for a special day of shopping. These trips would usually include a visit to Bailey's for lunch or an ice-cream sundae. What a treat! I can still see the silver-plated dish dripping with hot fudge sauce and melted marshmallow. I remember the warm comfort of a bowl of corn chowder after having had a root canal in Somerville on a cold November day.

  2. Shopping w/ Ma then meeting Dad at Baileys for icecream after work. The hot fudge and butterscotch sauce always dripped over the dish - great.

  3. Bailey's in Wellesley was by Hathaway House bookshop. Mom would buy me a stack of books, then we'd get a sundae & read. Marble surfaces, wire chairs, excellent hot fudge. Proper ice cream parlor. I will never forget Bailey's.


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