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Remember Rick's Cafe, Newton, Mass.,Located in a Former Church?

Does anyone remember Rick's Cafe, a Newton, Mass., restaurant that was located in a former church?

Owned by Weylu's -- the huge Chinese restaurant in Saugus, Mass., that is also no longer with us -- Rick's Cafe featured, as expected, a most unusual atmosphere, with dining rooms located on several floors of this tall church. Dimly-lit and quiet, the atmosphere worked as a cozy destination but also somewhat unsettling as many felt a church should not change into a commercial endeavor.

Rick's Cafe gained a lot of attention when open in, as best I remember, the early 1980s, but do a Google search today and nothing comes up. The steak, chicken and seafood offerings were done better at other local restaurants, and the church setting novelty wore off quickly.  Plus the large size of the restaurant demanded crowds to stay financially viable.. As a result, Rick's Cafe was not in it for the long run but, nevertheless, remains a fascinating piece of Boston area restaurant history.

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