Alan Colmes on WEZE, WZLX

Many of us know of Alan Colmes as a liberal commentator, syndicated radio talk show host and Fox News Channel political contributor. How many of you know that Alan Colmes was a disc jockey in Boston on the old top 40/adult contemporary WEZE AM 1260 (now WMKI Radio Disney) in, I believe, the early 1970s  and WZLX (classic hits!) during the 1980s. He was quite good on both stations with a quick wit, unique voice and superb delivery for the rock formats. Based on his early career, never would I have imagined Colmes venturing into his current field. Although I don't agree with his politics, Colmes is terrific at his current job -- just like he was back in the day as an adept, intelligent and fluent rock jock.  What a talented individual!

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