Fond Memories of Hoffman News in Arlington, Mass.

How I loved Hoffman News in Arlington Heights, Mass. Mrs. Mooney proved that you could transform a basic variety store into something extraordinarily special. She always called us kids "honey," and our parents, too, for that matter. Mrs. Mooney was so sweet, sweeter than the candy we loved at Hoffman news including Pop Rocks, Sky Bars and Charlestown Chews. She took the time to get to know everyone, thus creating the ultimate neighborhood variety store. Every kid in town seemed to know her name. Just goes to show that the most memorable people in one's life are the ones that exemplify decency not only through talk but, more importantly actions.

I wish we had more stores today like Hoffman News.  Customer service today isn't what it used to be; we could all gain inspiration and pride of working with the public from someone like Mrs. Mooney.

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