Anyone Remember Gary Doak's Steak House in Southern New Hampshire?

Unless it was just a dream, I remember my folks taking me to a steak house in, I believe, Epping, N.H., owned by former Boston Bruins defenseman Gary Doak -- you know, the guy that wasn't afraid to block a hockey puck with his head.

Does anyone remember this restaurant? I have faint memories of it having a spacious comfortable, well air-conditioned atmosphere and steak that was tender (or, the opposite of a steak as hard as a hockey puck).

One of the ironies of writing this Old School Boston blog is trying to write from memory at an age where memory decline starts to set in (actually, I believe this starts, on a smaller scale, when you're about 19). If you have any memories of Gary Doak's steak house, please feel free to comment here!


  1. Yes, I remember it.

    It was called Gary Doak's Epicurean Delicatessen.

    It was on Portsmouth Ave. In Exeter, NH. It had a large solarium on the right side of the building. It was a happening place. Good Food and Drink.

    A Walgreens is there now.

  2. I proposed to my Wife there under the Solarium in 1989, 25 years ago.

  3. I was the dishwasher up until it closed.

  4. I first met Gary at the Epicurean a long time ago. Gary made sure my friend and I always had a cold one while we sat in the Break Away Lounge. Gary had some nice photos on display. Eventually I presented him with some of his memorabilia.

  5. Who owned the restaurant after Gary


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