Slim Pickens, the Whistling Weatherman on WJDA Quincy

Slim Pickens was one of my favorite Boston area radio personalities in the 1970s. I know he had a long radio career as either Slim Pickens or Jerry Howard (starting his radio career in the 1940s), but I remember him best at the weatherman on WJDA AM 1300 who would whistle any "s" sound coming out of his mouth during the forecasts.  He had what sounded like a folksy "Down East" Maine accent. Quite different from the "any town USA" radio personalities today, many of whom sound alike!

Slim Pickens was one of a kind and I could hardly wait to hear him on the radio.  If anyone has an air check of Slim Pickens, I would love to hear it!


  1. Wasn't Slim on WCOP and retired . I think he went back to Milo, ME

  2. Loved him! "A chill on the hill, fog in the bog, a breeze in the trees, and tell me Nels,' how many seaside degrees?"

  3. What I remember about Slim Pickens is that he covered all the bases: "it'll be rainy today...unless the sun decides to come out... Of course, it could get pretty windy, but it might be only a slight breeze." Yeh, he was great!


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