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Boston Area Chinese Restaurants That Are No Longer There

I love all Chinese restaurants -- the fancy, the kitschy, the plain, the Americanized. When the food is great, it's great... and when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

Unfortunately, some of our most beloved Boston area Chinese restaurants are no longer with us. Here are some of them that I miss dearly (well, maybe about 50 percent of them):

Lanai Island, Waltham, Mass.
Royal Hawaiian, Burlington, Mass.
Sun Luck, Burlington
Pacific Hut, Burlington Mall, Burlington
Joyce Chen (the first one on Memorial Blvd.), Cambridge, Mass.
Bamboo Hut, Lexington, Mass.
Peking Gadren, Lexington
Weylu's, Saugus, Mass (the Disneyland of Chinese restaurants; what a scene!)
Aku Aku, Cambridge and Boston, Mass.
The Diamond Head, Saugus
Dave Wong's China Sails, various Boston area locations
Kon Tiki Ports, Sheraton Boston, Boston
Chin's Village, Wellesley, Mass.
Peking on the Mystic, Medford, Mass.
The Aloha, Hingham, Mass.

What are some of your favorite closed Boston Chinese restaurants? Share your memories with us!

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  1. Aku Aku in Boston, just east of Kenmore Sq on Commonwealth Ave (in the Hotel Somerset building, if memory serves) was a delightful place for a penny-pinching BU student and his Wheelock girlfriend to dine....lotsa food, not much money -- when we think back, our dinners there are some of our fondest memories...


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